ACT clutch

The first time I laid my eyes upon the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica I thought this:  ‘’Wow this thing looks great!  Wait did I just say a minivan looks great?  WTF is wrong with me!’’  I quickly ran back inside and took a shower to wash the dirty feeling off of my soul.

So I needed something large for a family vacation down to Hilton Head.  Since i’m spoiled…I called up Chrysler and they lovingly dropped off this 2017 Pacifica to us and guys I’m in love.  This is the best looking minivan on the road by a large margin.  Shit I’m willing to say this is definitely one of the top looking vehicles on the road today.  The way Chrysler designed the Pacifica you don’t think minivan…you think expensive crossover.  Now the interior is another story.  It’s better.  It’s soft, supple, and beautiful to look it.  All the controls are perfectly placed and the fit and finish is top notch.  The interior blows away it’s competition by miles and it’s probably one of the better vehicles I have sat in in a long time.

So how does it drive?  Fantastic.  Honestly this large beast can actually hug the road.  The steering is a bit light (it’s still a van after-all) but it is direct, and suspension feels planted.  So all in all it’s pretty fun around the bends!  The Pacifica is powered by a great sounding 3.6 liter V6 making 287 horsepower and 262 ft/lbs of torque…and yes it will lay drag all the way through first gear.  I promise you…you will enjoy driving this thing around town.

Yes I know I know I’m talking about a damn minivan here.   But if you have a family and are thinking about a 3 row crossover…don’t.  Just get this.  Because at the end of the day…do you know what a 3 row crossover is?  It’s a poorly designed minivan.  Think about it.  Just the get a van.  Get this van!  It’s the only one the market that makes you peak over your shoulder as you walk away and smile.  I promise you that.