First Impression:

This is a Storm Trooper amongst pickup trucks.  The Dodge Ram Night Package we have in our tester looks down right menacing.  The interior is squishy in all the right places and looks great.  The rotary gear shifter doesn’t belong in a truck unfortunately.  In a Pacifica yes, maybe even a Charger but in a truck you want move a singular large piece of ‘something’ with purpose.  I don’t know maybe it will grow on me in a few days.  Even though it’s missing Android Auto and Apple CarPlay…UConnect is still brilliant.  The 2017 Dodge Ram also rides like an absolute dream.  On road and off road it soaks up everything in sight.  The rumble from the Mopar exhaust sounds amazing at any given speed along with the shorter gears offered…this big beast has some grunt!

One Week Later:

Yup I love the knob (lol).  Once you get used to it….it’s actually hard to go back to a regular shifter.  This is the 21st Century folks.  No need to move a ginormous piece of equipment just to change gears!  As I said above the Mopar exhaust is intoxicating.  Just cruising around town makes you and along with the truck feel that much more special.  The interior is beautifully made and the seats are fantastic.  My only knock would be the gas mileage…it’s bad.  I got 11.6 in my week with the 2017 Dodge Ram but other than that….this truck rocks!  To sum it up:  If you’re looking for something a bit different from you standard run of the mill F-150 and Silverados…check out the 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Night Edition!

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