First Impression:

Okay folks by now you probably realize I’m the anti 3 row crossover guy.  But I’m not completely delusional…I know no matter how much I scream into the heavens, there will be people who want a crossover.  For those people I present to you the 2017 Honda Pilot.  It’s pretty much a Honda Odyssey with AWD and less space.  Here is the thing though…this thing is still massive.  Which means you can actually fit humans in all three rows AND have space for their cargo.  I’m not too keen on the styling..but let’s see if it grows on me after a week.

One Week Later:

Okay.  I’m a changed man.  I understand it now.  I have seen the light!  The Pilot is so good that I now understand the appeal of a 3 row crossover!  The Pilot is the perfect as a family hauler.  It fits 7 people beautifully, handles great, has AWD, has more than enough power and it’s efficient!  We got  20.1 mpg in our week with it.   I’m not a fan of the chrome beak but other than that I have no other complaints!    So here is how I sum it up:  2017 Honda Pilot.  The best anti-minivan…minivan on the market.