Text:  Yousef Alvi  Photos:  Geoff Dennis

I will admit it.  I grew up in a generation that scoffed at American cars.  Let’s be honest.  There were an easy target.  Bad build quality, horrible interiors and laughable powertrains.  It was obvious that the bean counters were running the show.  Now my God things have changed.  American cars are not punchlines anymore.  They are contenders on the world stage and Lincoln finally has a model to contend with the 2018 Navigator.

What is the new 2018 Navigator to Lincoln?  It’s genesis.  It’s when the brand finally stood on its own and said enough is enough.  Enough just badge engineering Ford’s lineup.  Enough just being an Uber Black Car.  Enough o

f not being taken seriously.

You want luxury?  How about a sumptuous blue leather interior?  You comfort?  Okay how about 30 way adjustable seats?  Okay how about sound?  Here is a Revel audio system that will laugh at your fancy Bowers and Wilkins.  Fine.  How about power?  Here you go.  450 horsepower and 500 ft/lbs of that lovable torque.  Lincoln has thrown down the gauntlet.



Driving the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is an experience.  It is an experience because it just makes you smile.  It’s smooth, quiet, comfortable, and powerful.  Yes, it’s very intimidating at first but when you get in it and adjust the sublime seats for the first time…the intimidation factor fades away to serenity.  Push the Drive toggle button and you are off.  You are off to an experience you are not going to forget.  An experience that will make you smile and say the following.

‘’I did it.  I have finally arrived in the world.”

Fit, finish and material quality.  Those three little words dramatically effect perceived luxury.  The Germans and the Japanese predominately mastered those three little words.  Not anymore.  The interior on the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is its best attribute.  It is jaw dropping.  It is one of the best interiors I have ever been in.  Everything you touch is luxurious and substantial.  There is a heft to all of the controls that screams bespoke and everything is just plain exquisite.

If you’re shopping for a 3 row luxury SUV.  This is your choice.  Look no further.  The 2018 Lincoln Navigator says to the world you have arrived.


2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label

Price as tested:  $98,000

Engine:  3.5 Liter Twin Turbo V6

Horsepower:  450

Torque:  500

Transmission:  10 speed auto

0-60:  5.5 Seconds

MPG:  17 Mixed

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