Written by Mike Sanders

Import Alliance kick-started the car season again with a massive-massive bang. Thousands of cars, friendly/familiar faces everywhere, and more modifications than a Beverly Hills plastic surgery center. The Import Alliance brand has really matured into something special.

Personally, I love this event, because it’s about more than just cars. All car shows celebrate cars… IA celebrates the people. I will always enjoy the camaraderie that surrounds IA. Thinking back – I have so many friends I can trace to the early IA years. IA delivers a unique atmosphere of brotherhood, and it calls people to drive in  from all over the country… just to reunite with fellow car enthusiasts & newsfeed homies. What’s more – Import Alliance is open to all. It’s not set up to be another one of those slick invite-only car shows, where you have to sit there like a sorority girl & hope they accept you… and then grown men talk shit over who wins a $50 trophy.

If you’ve never been to IA, I highly recommend giving it a shot. It’s like having a weekend barbecue with 10,000 best buddies you never knew you had… but who all love to talk cars. Import Alliance can be a life changing & truly inspiring event, when you let it sink in. I’ve personally seen 1st-timers… come back as brand/business owners in this aftermarket. Spectators have grown into vendors. Seriously – give it a shot. You’ll drive away with new  friends, stories, and perspectives. That’s a lot for just 1 weekend.