In short: Import Alliance is about a brotherhood. It’s not about exclusion, or elitism, or judgment from behind a keyboard. There are other events if that’s what you’re after. IA is about building the culture. Inviting the person who just completed his/her first mod… to drive through the gates & get that feeling. While at the same time, showcasing the people/cars who continue to set trends & break barriers. Race, street, stance, drag, drift… all are welcome here. Scroll down to check out some standouts from the Import Alliance Spring Meet 2018: 

Miguel Paz & Civic coupe. Orlando, FL.


Eric Crabtree’s MK1 GTI. Gadsden, AL


Thomas Lassard’s 180SX. South Carolina


Louis Dejesus Integra – 755whp. Orlando, FL


Kelvin Orneles with is gray EG street car, and lime track coupe. Both Ks. EG is turbo K. Winder, GA. Erica Dale with the EK hatch! Also from Winder, GA.


Tito Olizencia. AKA DSM Titty. GS model with Holset HX35 turbo. Location: North Carolina.


Lindsey Murphy’s 1993 Lexus SC400. Knoxville, TN


Richie Lyons’ Honda CRZ. Missouri.


Tate Askew’s RWB 911. Paint by Bryson Richards – Classic Livery of Atlanta.


Doug Williams’ Porsche 996. Canton, GA


Tom Hornsby with the cleanest EG on earth. McDonough, GA


Hunter Hopkins Z31 300ZX. Factory VG30E with Weber conversion. South Carolina.


Tyrell Elliott’s S2K.


Seth Cross & his 1.8T Rabbit. South Carolina.


Jonathon Dyson’s Vlenejapan wide body FRS.


Muzzy’s Super Showcase winning Nissan 350Z.


Sam Morris with the Pistachio FD RX-7. South Florida.


Chris Whitworth’s 1G Eclipse GSX. Winder, GA.


Nick Bayliff’s EG Civic in the Funk Fashion booth. Orlando, FL.


Matt Lamphier’s Miata. turbo 1.6 making 530whp. Florida car.


Adam (@baggedcarbon)’s totally unique hood on his 2012 Civic Si. Atlanta, GA.



Ceejay Mendez’s K-turbo CRX. Orlando, FL.


David Patterson (@thatdudeinblue) and his 2Jz Grabber Blue 240SX.


Jesse Adan’s Blue BRZ. Georgia.


Jason Garcia’s all-carbon R33 Skyline. Florida.


Shawn Bui’s Evo X. Indiana.


Damn Eric Brown’s EG.


Bag Riders booth cars.


Gabriel Arroyo’s EF 4-door. Georgia.


Brada Wheels booth cars.


David Cordell’s M3 on TE37s


Kristin Justus & her WRX. Asheville, NC.


MC Built Civic Hatch


Ryan Wright’s E36. Greenville, SC.


A girl & her Evo…


A couple of dudes & theirs…


@lowerclasslove making street cars great again.


Xul Colon’s k-swapped 4-door (coming soon to S3).


John Moore’s silly-clean CRX from Orlando.


…And a TON more, in no particular order.