Volk Wheels

The new Honda Accord I mean Civic Si was released. And to no one’s surprise, it’s another ugly car to deal with. 

  1. If you lower it, it’ll just be ugly & low. 
  2. If you put wheels on it, you’re putting wheels on an ugly car.

This literally has to stop. Please Honda, if the new Integra has any resemblance to this Civic Si… just… just say your computer crashed & you lost it. We’ll all go along with that. Lord.

I’m sorry if this post offends you, but this car offends me. If a car has to grow on you – chances are it sucks. 

From HondaNews: “The best-handling, best-equipped and most fun-to-drive Civic Si ever is coming to Honda dealers later this year to entice a new generation of young driving enthusiasts.”

From S3: “Does the steering wheel look like a phone that swipes to turn right or left? Because if not, you’re not gonna get ’em.”


From Dave Gardner, executive vice president of National Operations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “It isn’t just a blast to drive, it’s hands down the best Civic Si we’ve ever offered to our customers.”

From S3: You maybe should’ve just ended that sentence after the first part… “It isn’t just a blast to drive.” The end.