As a country, we’ve been in a little bit of a funk.

Ok… a lotta bit. But for the sake of the article just go with me here. We’re like siblings fighting. We squabble over hot-button topics like fish to bait, as we’re adapting poorly to a social media-driven, algorithm-driven world. Most of us are woefully low on facts, hair-triggered in our reactions, and peaked in anger & aggression. 

We’re half intelligent, half informed, self-centered, fully reactionary, and tunnel visioned… with a mobile device tied to our hand urging us on. That’s concerning. Concerning for humanity. You watch your newsfeed, and you feel like we’ve lost all unity & common ground. But…

NB Miata 15x9.5 wheels

As I talked to David Calzada from KPower Industries…

I can’t help but smile at the blueprint of this amazing country that we live in & the natural opportunities we have here… and totally take for granted. 

1: You have the freedom & privilege in this country to actually have hobbies & passions. 

2: You have the freedom to pursue them relentlessly.. 

3: You have the freedom to create. To create ideas & products & businesses & social events & jobs & investments & opportunities. Shoot – you actually nourish this country when you do it. 

I mean hell – David Calzada & KPower Industries IS the American dream in practice. 

David started KPower Industries (originally called KMiata) in the tiny garage of his former townhouse designing… 

1: Unnecessary parts   …that is, Honda k-series swap parts

2: For an unnecessary car   …a 20-year-old 2-seater roadster 

3: In pursuit of unnecessary gains   …pointlessly fast & wickedly fun 

4: In an unnecessary hobby/industry   …aka, the automotive aftermarket 

k swap Miata

He did it passionately & he did it from the heart.

David Calzada innovated… for an aftermarket industry that craves innovation. And now after 8 years or whatever it’s been… he owns his own business, loves to go to work every morning, and is able to employ 5 of his friends, to make the world a radder place to be in… with more color, creativity, and flare. That’s the dream folks! That’s the opportunity we’re given; it’s up for grabs.

And this car… is significant because it represents ALL OF THAT. 

lowered NB Miata

On the outside, this Miata might look like a sleeper. But behind the curtain…

This is the car that brought high horsepower, K-series, rear-wheel-drive stuff to market. 

Period. It didn’t exist before this! Not anywhere. This was unchartered territory.

David set out on a mission to make big power on a K-swapped Miata, AND MORE IMPERATIVE, to create a chassis & drivetrain that could handle it. Up to that point, KPower had been developing k-swap kits for Miatas. But they hadn’t yet created a complete solution for people who wanted to add boost and effectively double the horsepower. And to that end…

This is the first car where a Honda K-series engine was adapted to a BMW transmission. 

Adapting to a BMW transmission opens up all sorts of higher horsepower possibilities. It also allows stronger rear axles & LSDs. Again – before this car, even if you were going to K-swap a Miata (or even turbocharge your Mazda 1.8), your only option was to use the Miata transmission. That works ok for a no-turbo build where the torque is fairly linear. But once you go turbocharged, when boost hits, the trans splits. 

KPower researched many-many options before landing on the BMW transmissions.

The 350Z trans was an early contender, but it’s physically just too large, and having to cut & refab the Miata tunnel was going to be a deterrent for most owners. 

BMW transmissions, on the other hand – are small, light, strong, and affordable. And they have ideal gear ratios to match a high-revving 4-cylinder engine. In short, they’re kind of an unexpected match made in heaven. Today, KPower makes adaptor plates for a few different BMW transmissions, depending on your build & needs. 

1:  The ZF 6-speed out of a E46 330i

2:  You can also use an E36/E46 5-speed if you don’t necessarily need the 6th-speed overdrive. 

3:  Or an E30 trans, which has a longer gear ratio 5-speed. 

*There is also the option to use these BMW transmissions with the Mazda 1.8 engine… for people who have turbocharged their 1.8s and are looking for a strong longterm transmission. 

Kpower Miata

Man… this is the way.

This is FINDING a way, and it’s how you raise the ceiling in the aftermarket. A group of hellbent track-buddies dove into becoming professionals & pioneers. KPower Industries didn’t just create a fresh logo and stamp it on some products that basically already existed. They created a line of products, where none existed before. They reinvented the wheel… and made a better wheel. 

Text by Wooley     Photos By Chris Sullivan


KPower Turbo K Miata (523whp & 385wtq)

Engine & Drivetrain

KMiata Swap Package by KPower Industries

K24A2 engine from an Acura TSX

KMiata subframe & engine mounts

BMW ZF 6-speed transmission from E46 330i

Getrag 3.42 LSD differential

KMiata K-to-E46 transmission adapter plate

KMiata K-to-ZF 6-speed flywheel

KMiata ZF 6-speed shifter kit + transmission mount kit

Wilwood clutch master cylinder kit

Mishimoto radiator & oil cooler

KMiata oil pan & pickup

KMiata upper coolant neck

SPAL fan

KPower RWD cast intake manifold

FIC 1650cc injectors

Karcepts fuel rail

Fuelab fuel pressure regulator & fuel filter

Walbro 450lph fuel pump

KPower throttle body

Acuity Hall Effect TPS

V8 Roadsters Getrag diff mount, axles, and hubs

KPower RWD turbo manifold

Garrett GTX-3076R gen 2 turbo

Custom 3” downpipe and exhaust

Precision 600hp intercooler with custom piping

Turbosmart 45mm wastegate & blow off valve

KMiata wiring conversion harness

Hondata Kpro4 & 4-bar MAP sensor

KMiata electric power steering kit

OEM Honda Type-R valve cover

GarageStar cowl cover


Suspension / Chassis / Brakes

Ohlins Road and Track coilovers

Wilwood V8R 11.75” big brake kit

Hawk DTC 60 pads

Wilwood proportioning valve

GarageStar fender braces

V8 Roadsters frame rails

Wheel / Tires

Konig Freeforms: 15×9.5 +29

Hankook RS4s: 245/40/15


Lotus Elise seats with custom seat rails

Custom red carpet

Blackbird Fabworx roll bar

Sparco steering wheel

NRG quick release hub

Autometer gauges

AEM wideband gauge

KMiata shift knob

Miata 15x9.5 wheels squared