Sorry about the lack of uploads last week!

As we were preparing to mount our S1Built diff mount, we ran into an issue with welding. Currently, the car is unable to be transported from shop to shop. The only welder we have at the current shop, Slightly Mangled is a flux core MIG welder. With no way of getting a shielded gas into the shop, we had to find a way to weld up the stainless steel components. Lucky enough, Blue Demon makes a flux core stainless wire for MIG welders, but we had to wait on it to come in to proceed. So, now that you all are caught up, here is what we did this week!

Welding S1 Diff Mount

Diff Mount Install:

Our friend Josh was kind enough to lend his talents of welding on this project. Without him, we definitely would not be able to accomplish this task in this amount of time. Basically, he dialed in the welder on a scrap piece of stainless that happened to be at the shop, then went to work on the diff mount. Basically, its a bar that sits across where the fuel tank used to be & that bar is welded to a mount that sits up on top of the diff. That bar then will get bolted up to the chassis in 4 places, ensuring it will not come off. It will be interesting to see how the stainless wire will hold onto the body of the car.

Welding S1 Diff Mount

More Body Work:

After the last update, Jake and I began the process of continuing the body work. I removed all of the pinstripes while Jake took the grinder to any areas that need filler. We made quick work of things and got the majority of the prep work done yesterday. Hopefully, we will be able to get the body straight in time for the car to be fired up.

Cutting & Measuring S1Built Mount

Additional Lift Kit Pieces For Diff Mount:

This weekend, Jake and I will be headed to Troy, NC to go see our friends at HRG Engineering. They are hosting an off-road event called AWD Fest. Yesterday, we took all measurements needed for some bespoke lift kit pieces to be made. We will be hand delivering the measurements for everything to mount the diff lower in the back. This is a brand new piece of kit, which is cool to know we will be the first to run it. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, we will have the rear end assembled fully. We have at least one more sponsor of the build and cannot wait to announce it!

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles