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One of the biggest shows of the year.

Slammedenuff Gatlinburg is a must-attend event for stance car enthusiasts. Cars from literally all over the USA gather in one place for a two day mega event. Inside the show, you’ll find everything from simple & clean Euros to wild, fitted JDM icons. Outside of the show, you’ll find after-meets, parties and overall fun times. Myself, Sam Igel II & Taylor Galster were there over the weekend & documented everything we could. Enjoy this gallery of our favorite shots from the weekend:


Lewii & Julian 350Z

Lewii & Julian’s 350Z’s at the Vaded Mob pre meet on Friday. Over 1,000 cars in the stadium parking lot. Vibe & atmosphere was incredible.

Skyline R34 GT-R Spec V II

When the sun went down, my friend Brandon and I worked on some light painting. Hard not to, especially with a legal R34 in the lot.


Stanced Subaru WRX

Taylor captured this tastefully modded Subaru. Check out the paint matched tails & the gorgeous Tennessee mountains in the background.

Sam Igel Portrait - Mack

Sam is the master of candid & portrait photography. I spy a wild Mack Williams sporting one of our T-shirts – get yours HERE!

Genesis on Leon HardirittCan’t ever go wrong with a set of Leon’s – also, there’s not enough candy red cars out there.

Stanced BMWI was geeking over this M235i all weekend. So clean & simple with nice fitment. – @hardparkdmedia on IG, BTW

Stancypants RX-8This RX-8 ruffled the internet’s feathers over the weekend at the show. Wild to see in person & definitely the most polarizing car there.

SevenK 350Z Wheels

If you like rare, custom or unique wheels – this is definitely the place to be. These SevenK’s were a personal favorite of mine on a 350Z.

Deuster GT3RSNot everything is .5″ off the ground, as proven by Brandon Deuster’s gorgeous & tasteful GT3RS.

Josh & Nicole Dillard FRS Widebody

Couple build goals: Josh & Nicole Dillard’s widebody FRS’s. Aptly named: Cosmo & Wanda.


Widebody NSXSunday’s show yielded rain nearly all day. Doors opened early so everyone didn’t have to wait in the wet.

RX-7 Lambo DoorsI regret not getting more shots of this RX-7 at the show. Glad to see “Lambo Doors” are making a comeback.

Byron Mac G35 WidebodySpeaking of Lambo doors, Byron showed off his freshly kitted ones on Sunday. One of the coolest G35’s around.

Working on the racecar

This photo sums up what most folks have experienced at these shows. Good friends will get you far.

Fitment Industries Alex Ferrari F430

Overall, a great mixture of cars. Everything from Honda to Ferrari was well represented. Diversity is definitely key.

Clean BMW

This is most definitely a common sight. This, and every self serve car wash within a 15 mile radius PACKED with stance cars.

Writer’s Choice:

Best Of Show Subaru

Personally, this Subaru was my favorite car of the entire show. From the paint, to the interior & the engine bay – it was perfect.

Subaru Engine BayPhotos genuinely do not do this car proper justice. See up top the molded strut tower brace. That level of detail, but on the whole car.

Widebody CaymanHonorable mention to the Vaded Mob Cayman. This car was absolutely GORGEOUS.


Subi SquadSlammedenuff Gatlinburg was amazing, as always. Be sure to mark your calendars for 2022. I’ll be there for sure.

Words by Ben Battles. Photos by Sam Igel II, Taylor Galster & Ben Battles.

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