I have waited over 3 months to make this announcement…

We would like to thank S1Built for sponsoring our project lifted Civic build. These guys were actually our very first sponsor on the build, matter of fact. We did not want to announce them too soon and not install anything for weeks after. Their products are the most top notch on the market. Billet LCA’s, diff mount & stainless trailing arms – just to name a few! These guys do it all and make these parts to handle about anything you can throw at them. From 1k+ horsepower drag cars to our off-road project, S1Built has everything you need to turn your project into an AWD beast. Don’t just look for happiness, AWD it with S1Built!

S1Built Rear Assembly

Let’s take a closer look at what they have sent us:

It’s so strange to see billet pieces on this car at this point. All of the parts are polished & machined to a high degree. Even the welds are perfect on every piece to ensure strength and longevity. We have been drooling over these parts for the past few months over at the Slightly Mangled garage. So far, it looks like all of our lift kit components should work well with the parts supplied by S1Built. HRG Engineering is working on a few custom pieces related to the differential to make sure everything aligns properly. We are definitely excited to get this rolling soon!

S1 Built Civic Trailing Arms

In the meantime:

We have dropped the fuel tank for a crossbar to be welded to the chassis of our project lifted civic. This helps support the differential and is key to keeping everything from shifting around. Also, one of our friends came over to the Slightly Mangled shop to do some body work. Casey showed us how to properly mix bondo for the small dings & dents on the car. He also pulled some of the larger dents out, which was a huge help. We will be getting it looking better before you know it!

S1Built Diff Piece

What’s next?

I think I’ll be ordering a set of coilovers for the car soon. Seeing all of these new suspension components riding on stock springs and struts does not settle well with me. I’ll probably be getting something heavy duty to take on some high impact driving.

Check out this week’s video! There is a lot of extra content this week showcasing all of the new parts. Also, if you haven’t seen last weeks post, here is the link: https://s3mag.com/lifted-awd-ek-civic-14/

Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles

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