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This Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO got its hooks in me good!

I’m used to falling in love with different press cars for a million different reasons. And I’ve gotten used to the fact that I have to give them back after a week, it’s just part of the deal. You shake it off. But having to give this Tacoma TRD Pro back stung… a lot. Like they came & took my puppy away lol. 

Toyota lunar rock

There’s just something about this truck that nails it.

The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro feels instantly familiar & comfortable like your old/best pair of flip-flops. But yet it has this awakening & energizing aura about it. It feels good, like the first day of Spring lol. This is how you thought trucks were gonna be when you grew up. You know… with personality & style. Before I even drove the TRD Pro a mile… it was already mine. 

Tacoma TRD Pro

The TRD PRO is perfect right out the box! 

The color (Lunar Rock) is so good combined with the lively matte-black & red graphics! I grew up in an era where Toyota trucks had graphics… and this truck just has that magnetic presence about it! Photos don’t do it justice. This Tacoma just has a way of standing out.

From the fresh FOX shocks & the TRD wheels/lift package… 

To the pitch-perfect TRD exhaust & the PRO trimmed-out interior… to the laid-back/mellow drive-ability & maneuverability of the Tacoma. We took this Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro down to the beach for a week, and I was DONE!

Add to all the emotions, the practical-fact that very few vehicles carry the resale value of Toyota 4x4s. Especially TRD PROs. These are the trucks that people are going to want for decades & generations to come. And in a way that means it’s not an expense; it’s an investment. 

Literally the only criticism I have is: Why can’t Toyota make the whole back window roll down like the Tundras?! We… you know… ‘the dudes’… we need that. 

I drove a plain silver TRD Off-Road last year, and I liked it ok… but it didn’t leave quite as much of an impact on me. But – the attention to detail on the TRD PRO model just really seals the deal for me. 

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