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The Honda Pilot has gotten exactly what it needed… mainly to not be invisible. Honda chiseled the redesign of the 2023 Pilot, gave it some noticeable colors. AND more importantly, made a TrailSport model.

The Pilot’s TrailSport trim…

Is honestly what’s bumped the new Honda Pilot on the newsfeed & and made it worth talking about. I personally think the TrailSport will have its place in the market. Is that place alongside Jeeps, Yotas, and Broncos? Don’t get crazy. But in a sentence: The Pilot TrailSport seems sensibly capable. Which fits in perfectly with its sensible demographic.

Pilot TrailSport blue

The Pilot TrailSport is equipped with…

A 1” lift, all-terrain tires, OEM skid plates (for the oil pan, gas tank, and trans), selectable trail-modes, and AWD torque vectoring tricks that transfer up to 70% of the power to one wheel… allowing it to grab traction wherever it can find it. It’s intended to be a vehicle that carries the whole family comfortably & travels well… while allowing you to break off the pavement & explore a little bit along the journey. Basically, the Pilot TrailSport is like big 3-row Subaru Forester lol… there ya go.

Pilot TrailSport able

All new Pilots still run a normally-aspirated (no turbo) 3.5 V6.

And although it basically makes the same 285 horsepower as the previous model, the engine is a new design. A non-turbo V6 may seem a little basic and/or lackluster by today’s standards. But if you’re looking for longevity & the least amount of unnecessary complications… basic is a trusted formula. If it helps, just replace the word basic with dependable. Also, the torque-vectoring AWD system has been reengineered for substantially improved strength & responsiveness over the last model. The Honda Pilot TrailSport is on its way to dealers now, and will carry a a 50-grand price tag. Yikes. That blue’s pretty sharp though.

Pilot TrailSport lift

Pilot TrailSport interior


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