Elon Musk just fixed the car sales market, and it was way easier than any “expert” has predicted. Anyone with half a brain and eyes knows that cars have been overpriced since the pandemic hit. The formula was simple. The demand for cars has stayed high while the ability to produce and distribute them became choke points, causing overinflated prices. Musk has had a rocky year with Tesla to say the least. He wanted to get his sales numbers up and to get the stock moving in the right direction again, so he started slashing prices in all new models. These new prices have basically started a new baseline that only a company like Tesla was capable of making. The price of new and used cars all across the board have been falling because they are now ALL compared against the price of a new Tesla.

Hopefully this means that the MSRP games and dealership markups will be a thing of the past soon. Only time will tell, but this has definitely been a much needed massive step in the right direction.


Tesla prices have been dropped way down and it is affecting the market in many different ways. #tesla #tsla #elonmusk #news #automotivenews #ev #electricvehicle

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