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As a car enthusiast, here’s what you need to know about the new 2023 Toyota Prius. First of all it’s surprisingly well styled! The 2023 Toyota Prius is 2-inches lower than the outgoing model. And – it’s one inch wider at the rear hips. It’s also lighter & more structurally rigid than the last model… with a lower center of gravity. In an automotive climate where every new model seems to get more blimpy than the last, these are real performance improvements. But that’s not all…

Toyota went to a lithium-ion battery pack versus the old nickel metal battery. I don’t really speak nerd, but lithium-ion packs more punch in a smaller size. And it translates to – a new battery pack that gets a 15% power/output increase. Combine that with the now larger 2-liter gas engine… and the new 2023 Prius is 26% faster than the outgoing model. Translation: 0-60 is now 7.2 seconds… where it used to be 9.8 seconds. That’s a really significant improvement. 

new Prius

The way Toyota describes it… the new Prius is still comfortable like you’d expect it to be, only now, it also has a sense of agility that you probably wouldn’t expect in a Prius. Oh – and the combined MPG is 57. Let that sink in. That means 5-gallons of gas will take you almost 300 miles

Here’s the takeaway: Toyota is not just putting more tech & innovation into the new Prius, they’re putting more LIFE into it. They’re approaching this mission like car enthusiasts, and not just pod makers. And they’re prioritizing the fact that 57 MPG is not good enough… if it comes at the cost of a dead driving experience.

PS: Check out these renders that are making their way around social media. 

prius interior





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