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Can somebody please explain to me WTF is going on at Subaru? They release a new WRX for 2022… but you’re more likely to spot a yeti in the wild. Subaru killed the STi, their primo/halo/glory car. Then this week, they announce a 2024 Impreza redesign (pictured here), which will only come with a CVT transmission. Yet they tease an RS badge like it’s something special? I think I speak for most people when I say that I’d rather sniff pollen off an old man’s asscrack than drive a CVT. It’s like Subaru is in a neck-&-neck competition with Mazda to see who can make the most irrelevant hatchback. Subaru needs to learn their customers. It’s 1) dog people, 2) outdoorsy lesbians, 3) everyone in the PNW, and 3) vaping car enthusiasts. They seem to be abandoning the latter.

One of my social media friends said this yesterday: Why is Subaru NOT making a Crosstrek WRX. It’s like… you’ve got the peanut butter right there on the table. And right next to it… a delicious jar of jelly. But instead, you eat paste. 

Impreza CVT

Impreza hatchback




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