The 2024 Mazda Miata receives updated LED lighting throughout. With that, the headlights and taillights have been subtly refreshed. And the daytime running lights have been moved from the front bumper, up into the headlights themselves. 

2024 Miata taillight

For 2024, Miata also gets an improved asymmetric limited slip.

It’s only available for models with the manual transmission. The new limited slip helps to correct lift oversteer. And Mazda says that it betters the driving experience even cornering & darting around town as well. Mazda also improved stability control in Track Mode, as to not over-interfere. It will now only interfere as a last resort, if the car has crossed the threshold & is spinning. For 2024, the Miata’s electronic steering has also been tweaked to achieve a more natural feel.

Miata updates for 2024

Miata limited slip

Inside the cabin, the infotainment screen sizes-up from 7 to 8.8 inches.

And not sure if this is a real sticking point for Miata drivers, but the 2024 model gets some driver’s assist features like adaptive cruise control. And – a reverse Smart Brake assist, which will automatically stop the car if you’re about to back into something. Oh and there’s a new color for 2024, but don’t get too excited, because it’s just another shade of gray (called Aero Gray Metallic). 

aero gray miata

2024 Miata infotainment screen

All-in-all, these are welcomed updates in the right direction to make the Miata an even better Miata.

And considering that Mazda recently said they will be forced to electrify the next generation Miata (at least in some way, hybrid, plug-in, etc) due to constricting emissions regulations… 2024 may be ‘the Miata to buy’ for the longterm. 

2024 Miata RF updates

*Technically, Mazda has only officially released these updates for the JDM version. But since all Miatas are made in one place (Hiroshima), pretty much all the automotive media outlets have concurred that these updates should flow over to the US/global models as well. 

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