Konig Hexaform wheels on the Ford Fiesta ST: Honestly, ya boy here was part of the reason why Konig started making 4×108 wheels for the Fiesta ST in the first place. I had my hand in that cookie jar lol. Because…

Back when I bought this Fiesta ST…

Aftermarket wheel options were sparse to say the least. There were basically 3 wheel choices: Fifteen52 (killer design but heavy), Sparco, or Rota. I was on the phone with Scott from Konig one day in early 2017, bugging him about why they didn’t make wheels for the Fiesta ST. He gave me the logical response which I understood. Basically – 4×108 is an uncommon bolt pattern that’s not really shared with much else. And while the Fiesta ST is a cool car, it’s such a niche market that there’s just not enough volume there to start turning a profit. But then Scott paused… considering. He said, “Do you really think there’s a demand?” 

I sad, “Honestly, yeah. It’s a cult following… but these people are hungry for more options.” 

Scott said, “I’ll tell ya what we can maybe do. We can take the Hypergram which is a good lightweight wheel… and we can make a smaller initial run in 4×108 & see what happens. They’ll have to be matte gunmetal because that’s a color everyone can agree on. See, everybody says they want a wild color until we actually MAKE a wild color… then they all end up picking gunmetal or black anyway lol.”

Fiesta ST Konig

The Konig Hypergrams were a hit with the Fiesta ST market…

They were the lightest wheels available for the FiST, and they were attractively priced! Here’s a link to those wheels back when we first put ‘em on this car. And I’m talking in past tense here… just because this was Konig’s first wheel for the Fiesta ST. But to be clear, the Hypergrams are still in production today, and still available for your FiST. 

From there, Konig offered Fiesta ST owners a 16” sized-down Dekagram in black & bronze… which was/is even a little bit lighter I believe, due to the smaller wheel diameter. The Dekagrams are also still available today.

lowered Fiesta ST

Then when Konig released the Hexaform

They offered 4×108 sizing in 3 colors: Black, Bronze… and WHITE. 

If we’re being honest here, I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the Hexaform styling. It wasn’t love at first sight for me… at least not on a computer screen. The main reason was – the Hexaform seemed to have a slightly convex spoke shape, rather than concave. But you know what… they were white! And dammit my Race Red Fiesta ST had been begging for white wheels forever! Plus I needed new tires anyway, so I decided to roll the dice. 

red Fiesta ST white wheels

Exactly what the doctor ordered!

In person, the Konig Hexaform wheels look great – proving that you can’t always judge a book by its digital cover. On the car, the Konig Hexaforms absolutely set the Fiesta ST off! The 6-spoke design is strong, clear, & defined. There’s enough space between the spokes to really see my Wilwood brakes. And there’s just something invigorating about white wheels overall. For me, it takes me straight back to the early 2000s when I had white Racing Harts on my 2G Eclipse!

Fiesta ST 17x8

I know the Fiesta ST isn’t an import, but it is by nature.

And the import hot-hatch scene… is just meant to be vibrant! It’s meant to be wild & head-turning & magnetic. Walking out to your car gleaming on white wheels just feels like a breathe of fresh air. I can’t quite explain why. But if you get it… you get it.

Fiesta ST white wheels

I put these Konig Hexaform wheels on a sticky set of Yokohama Advan Neova AD09 tires…

In size 215/40/17. The total weight of the wheel + tire is 35.5lbs. Which is the exact same weight as the Hypergrams that came off the car with used Toyo R888Rs in size 205/40/17. And about 9-pounds less than the Fiesta ST’s OEM wheel/tire package. Meaning, it’s not just a visual modification. A set of flow-formed Konig wheels will absolutely free-up noticeable performance/acceleration in your Fiesta ST. 

yokohama Advan Neova AD09

Fiesta ST Konig Hexaform

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