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How do you define fast?

For most of us, looking at 0-60 times is an easy way of determining how fast a certain car is. Daily driver cars like a Toyota Camry or Volkswagen Jetta tend to hit 60 in about 7-7.5 seconds, give or take. Performance cars like the new Honda Civic Type R take just 5 or so seconds to do the same. Want to shave another second? Take a look at a car that costs nearly 10x as much – Lamborghini Murcielago. It’ll do 60 in less than 4 seconds. Even still, if you want to shave another second and a half off the time, you’ll have to look at a Bugatti Chiron.

2,200HP GT-R

Michael Hickey sees fast on a different level.

Meet Michael’s 2,200HP R35 Nissan GT-R. To put things into perspective, read the first paragraph one more time. Add up the horsepower from all of those cars COMBINED. Now, you’re on the level of this car. How fast is that? Cars like this don’t get measured 0-60, or even 0-100. This car goes from a standstill to 192MPH in just 7.4 seconds. Again, referencing your average daily driver car, they probably JUST hit 60MPH in the same time.

On The Fly Tuning

What looks to be your standard R35 GT-R is far from it…

Everything seems tame, but the parachute on the back gives you a hint of this cars capabilities. The car is classified as a full weight vehicle. Most creature comforts are still retained inside the cabin. Seats, carpets and all. Upon opening the trunk, a fuel cell fills the space once empty. Along with the parachute on the outside, the car has had a change of wheels and tires. This is the other giveaway on the exterior showing that the car is wildly fast. Sporting a set of Volk TE37 SL’s, this GT-R is running M&H Drag Radial Rears… on the front. No joke, this car needs all the grip it can get being AWD. The rears are fitted with DOT rated Mickey Thompsons.

Parachute Closed R35


The powertrain is where the fun lies

Under the hood is where you’ll find the 2,200 horsepower monster, twin turbo V6. Upon first glance, it takes a trained eye to distinguish major changes from factory. But that’s what makes the car special – makes it feel like a sleeper. Now, the R35 GT-R even in stock guise is no slouch to start, but this car is on a different playing field. The engine comes built courtesy of T1 Race Development. A custom plaque on the manifold displays it was crafted specifically for Michael – a very bespoke touch.

Engine Close Up

It wasn’t always this powerful

In the 8 or so years I have known Michael, he’s progressively cranked up the power. Different engines, cranks, tunes – everything. Back in 2016, the car made about 1,700HP, which is still more than 3x the cars original numbers. But why stop there? Michael kept tinkering with different configurations and ended up SPLITTING a billet crank in the process. Keep in mind, you really can’t do much better than billet or forged. So, back to the drawing board. Through trial and error, Michael has ended up with one of the most incredible GT-R’s with registration & plates.

2 Car Roller

Author Note: Shoutout to friend of Michael & Ben – Justin Baier. He brought his 700HP 300ZX Twin Turbo for a combo shoot with Michael. The car is absolutely mind blowing & quick. Like Michael’s car, very tame looking from the outside, but an animal when the pedal is down. Check out his car in the gallery down below!

Text & Photos by Ben Battles


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