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Last week, we ran into some issues…

If you recall last week’s update, we had a bit of a rust issue with the final 2 motor mount bolts. We successfully pulled the motor and transmission out the rest of the way! Now, we pulled the CR-V back out of the garage to make room for the Civic yet again. This time, the Civic will stay for a good minute, at least until the swap is nearing completion.

CR-V Engine Out

Now, its time to clean!

I purchased a steam cleaner to get the majority of the crud out of the crusty engine bay. This helps us not to use a pressure washer in more sensitive areas with exposed wires. The steam cleaner did great at getting most of the stains and grime from under the hood. In most areas, we used Simple Green to help loosen everything up.

Civic Strut Tower

Next steps…

We have swap stuff on the way from at least one of our sponsors that should help us at least get started on the swap. Once that’s in, we will make our first sponsor announcement on the build so you guys can check them out! In the meantime, check out this weeks video below – we need some help! If you know anyone with an 8th gen (FG2) Civic Si that would sell us their stock seats, please let us know! We are looking to run a pair up front in this car.

Text & Photos by Ben Battles

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