So close, yet, so far…

This week, we put the CR-V onto the lift and began removing components for the swap. Tuesday, we started at the rear of the vehicle and pulled the differential out, along with the mounts. Next we moved to the front of the vehicle. That’s where we began to realize what we were truly dealing with…

CR-V Engine Bay

EVERYTHING was rusted out.

No matter what bolts we pulled, they either were rust covered or already rounded. This made pulling the motor and engine components a very tedious process. What normally takes a few hours to pull has now taken 2 days. We got SO CLOSE to pulling the engine out, but rust prevented the last 2 motor mount bolts from coming out. This is beginning to be a nuisance.

Rusted CR-V Mount

But it’s not all bad!

In the process of pulling everything, we found that the CR-V was maintained fairly well. New bushings, bearings and even a new axle. This gives us hope that the swap will be a reliable one from the beginning. Although, some bolts gave us some REAL trouble. Here is a photo of our 10-piece extension:

10 Piece Extension

What’s Next?

Take a look at our most recent video on the build below! We have been ordering parts as well as talking to some folks in the industry. There is quite a bit of support on this build so far, and I’m excited to share more with you as it develops. The snorkel is on its way to us as we speak!

Words & Photos By Ben Battles