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Any of y’all ever get this deal from your dad??

“Save your money… and I’ll double whatever you save.” 

best red for a car

Well me personally – I got that deal when I was about 11 years old. And man I saved every dollar of my allowance, Christmas, birthday… all of it. But at the end of the agreement I had my own Honda 80 dirt bike. 🙂 Used of course. And against my mother’s wishes for sure. 

night runner

Koleton Yoshida got that same deal from his father.

The backstory is that Koleton got his first job when he was 15… in the produce section at Publix, which is a fine grocery store if you don’t have them around. His dad told him, “Nice green apron kid. But tell ya what – work hard & save your money. And when you turn 16 I’ll double whatever you’ve saved for your first car. Deal??” 

Age 16 rolled around, and Koleton had saved-up 6 grand! And… he had picked out the car he wanted more than any other: A busted, white, right-hand-drive 1989 Nissan Skyline GTS-T for twelve grand. Looooooool. 


His dad was like, “You can’t be serious?!”

Then he went on to ask, “What even is that? Of all the cars in all the country. It looks like an old turd. It’s only gonna give you problems. How are you gonna fix it when it breaks? No one knows anything about these. You just got your license like Tuesday… and you already want to drive on the wrong side of the car.”

But Kolton didn’t care about annnnnny of that. And his father, being a car guy himself, understood that even though he didn’t understand his kid’s magnetic draw to the car… he understood. The car was acquired. 


Koleton ain’t 16 anymore, but he’s still got his R32 Skyline. 

So let’s salute all the rad dads out there. And let’s also salute the moms that know how & when to just let it slide. And while we’re at it – let’s salute the few remaining youth of America out there who still understand what a cool goddamn car is. Forever in fashion.

Car Owner: @lowkeykoyo  //  Text by Wooley  //  Photos by Ben Battles

Highlight Mods…

Repainted in Ford’s Race Red. 

30mm front fenders & 30mm rear overs. GTR front end. Do Luck skirts. Top Secret rear diffuser. 

Work Meister wheels in 18×9.5 +20 front, & 18×10 +20 rear on Yokohamas

ISR coilovers & upper control arms front & rear. Techno Toys extended front lower control arms. GKtech rear lower control arms. 

Grip Royal steering wheel. Bride Lowmax Vios 2 seats. 

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