It all started 6 years ago…

My long-time friend Nate Cagle purchased a 1973 Datsun 240Z with the goal of turning it into a 80’s-esque modified car. It didn’t take long for the car to turn into exactly that. Picture this: November 5th, 2015 was the first day the world saw a photo of the car. It was just a picture of a Work Ewing on what ended up being his Z. At this point, the car was in primer with nearly no modifications. Fast forward just 5 months: Saturday, March 12th 2016 was the first time the car made a public appearance. I was there, it was Nate’s own local car meet. The car was mostly complete, albeit without its hood. Just 5 months to turn the Z from mild to WILD.

Lowered 240Z

Engine & Driveline

The engine is a frankenstein L24 head on an L28 block. It’s fitted with the largest Schneider camshaft available making for a great, choppy idle. Flat top pistons make for an 11:1 compression ratio. Nate took the 5-speed trans from a 280ZX and made it fit perfectly. The rear diff comes from a Kenmerie Skyline, supposedly capable of up to 400ftlbs torque. Lastly, it’s fitted with triple Weber ITBs. This thing screams.

240z ITB's

Suspension & Wheels

This 240 is fitted with Techno Toy Tuning full suspension. It’s incredibly stiff. The wheels are Work Ewing 3’s, which have never been separated. These are an early model, made in October of 1992. The wheels are most definitely an excellent choice for this vehicle. They help maintain a very period correct look, which is what Nate is looking to achieve.

Work Ewing 3


Once inside the Z, you’ll find a pair of Bride seats that fit snugly in the cabin. The car also features a roll cage, which Nate fitted himself. Connecting these interior components are a pair of Takata racing harnesses. Nate also plans on adding several carbon fiber pieces to the cabin.

240Z Rear


The entire body has been re-worked to be as smooth as possible. Not only smooth, but lightweight. The front bumper, rear deck and even the door handles are all made of carbon fiber. However, wherever possible, you’ll find OEM parts & components to balance it out.

Detailing 240Z

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