This week’s Lifted Civic update will be brief, but BIG!

Jake and I finished putting the suspension on the Civic and rolled it out of the garage to make room for the CR-V. We then drove the CR-V on the lift to prepare it for cleanup and first prep. Basically, getting it ready to be pulled apart.

CR-V Interior

The interior is now clean!

We found over $3 in change throughout the vehicle, as well as some medical devices used in nursing. It definitely was a weird cleanup.

B20 Engine Bay

Next Steps:

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be stripping the CR-V of all the drivetrain and suspension components. We will then look at all of the components compared to the Civic before swapping. There are a LOT of unknown variables, but we are excited to figure everything out.

Until next time! Don’t forget to check out more in depth videos on Project: Lifted Civic over at Slightly Mangled on Youtube! Also, if you did not see last week’s recap, Click Here!

Words & Photos by Ben Battles


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