The engine is FINALLY out of our Lifted Civic project!

After some minor setbacks, we pulled the motor out of the Civic. The stock engine in this car is a single cam, 1.6 liter D16Y7, non-VTEC head. The engine we are swapping it with is a twin cam, 2 liter B20Z1, also non-VTEC head. We have plans to bump up the power so stay tuned for more info on that!

D16Y7 Engine & Trans

Now for the bad news…

D16Y7 Head

The bad news is that cylinder #3 in the motor we took out measured 0 PSI on a quick compression test. With the valve-train in tact and no milky oil in the motor, we are assuming it has a hole in the piston. This means we won’t be able to completely recoup our initial cost on the car. BUT, it’s ok – worse things have happened.

Civic On Lift

The GOOD news:

The project is moving along nicely! We are on pace for our initial build timeframe. We are definitely looking forward to these next few weeks as we are starting to collect the parts needed to adapt everything over as smooth as possible.

What next?

We are going to put all of the suspension components back on the Civic so we can roll it off the lift and out of the garage. Then, we will put the CR-V on the lift and essentially do the same steps to it that we have done to the Civic so far. Then things will start to ramp up as we get into the meat and potatoes of the swap.

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Words by Ben Battles