Loki    “By the way, at your desk… that magazine…” 

Owen Wilson    “Yeah, the one on – jet skis??

Loki    “Yes… why do you have that?”

Owen Wilson    “…..Because they’re awesome!” 

Loki    “………..I suppose they are.” 

Owen Wilson    “Yeah. You know some things, actually most things in history are kinda dumb, and everything gets ruined eventually. But – in the early 1990s, for a brief shining moment, there was a beautiful union of form and function. Which we call… ‘the jet ski’. And a reasonable man, cannot differ.” 

S15 Silvia

Man I feel the truth in that.

There was no-doubt a ‘beautiful union of form & function’ happening in early 90s time period. Looking back, it was vividly exemplified in jet skis, AND sports cars of the era. Where things were created & came to market… purely for the sake of being radical! The common ground & driving force behind these products was the experience. There was an understanding that if a company made something truly awesome & refreshing, people would go out of their way to own it. It wasn’t about staying connected, or self-promoting, or influencing, or download speed… or anything like that. People just responded to life-inspiring creations. Things that truly enriched their lives. 

importing S15

Overall, it ain’t happening like that anymore.

Every time you make a purchase, large or small, you’re casting your vote for the kind of world/environment you want to live in. Remember that.

For example – when you buy a yellow Jeep or sports car instead of a gray crossover, you’re casting your vote. When you buy a paddle board or mountain bike instead of an iPad, you’re casting your vote.

And what I’ve witnessed as I’ve grown up… is the mentality of a nation turn from what it was in the early 90s. As a people, we’re not creating or supporting magical things anymore. Realize the difference between a folder, and a Trapper Keeper. The difference between streaming a song, and buying a CD. And the difference between automatic hi-beams… and pop-up headlights. They’re not the same. 

white car white wheels

These days…

The world is being fueled by electronic devices of overcomplicated convenience… with a monthly charge attached to it. That’s our entertainment? Things that have to be plugged-in & logged into?? Stuff that takes us out of the moment, and causes us to be distracted, antisocial, weak, & weird?

Final Bout S15

Bottom line…

As a society, we’re not creating or supporting things that feed our souls & our wild spirits anymore. And look around – the world had clearly lost color these days because of it. It’s practically eating itself, and it doesn’t have to be this way. Not everything has to be Bluetooth. Nor does everything have to be chained to an app, or an upload, or a profile. It’s the direction that the tech industry is herding us while telling us “It’s the future” and instilling an almost inescapable fear of missing out. But it’s not the way it has to be.

street legal S15

These lines at the beginning of this article are from Loki on Disney+.

This scene didn’t need to be the script. It wasn’t crucial to the plot. But it was deliberately written in… because it added a level of depth & empathy for the characters. Why???

Text by Wooley     Photos by Mark Vogt     Car & Jet Skis by John Incaudo

John Incaudo’s 1999 Nissan S15

400hp KA swap

Voodoo arms

PBM knuckles

John’s Jet Skis 

The HKS-schemed ski is a 1996 Yamaha Superjet

–with a fresh 701

–ADA head

— and Factory B-pipe

The Krash ski is a 2020-model Foot Rocket 

Silvia S15

S15 united states

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