2nd to the interior, probably the most outdated part of a C5 Corvette is the lighting. Being the last production car with pop-ups is cool, but it comes with a caveat: The headlight motors are made of some garbage plastic that grinds, whines, and makes every noise that you don’t want to hear while flexing on all the fixed headlight peasants. 

Walk around to the back, and the factory taillights aren’t any better. The design of the C5 Corvette is truly standing the test of time. The lighting, however, is just not. 

Luckily, Sharplight Innovations has it covered. The Halo Tail Lights completely revive the rear end of the C5 Corvette. They bring the car up to date, and do it with a modern style that compliments the C5… without going overboard. There’s also a legitimate increased safety aspect. Because with the substantial light-output increase, these taillights make you more visible, and protect you & your C5 in an age of distracted drivers.

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