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The factory C5 Z06 Speedlines have always been one of my favorite OEM wheel designs. But with the C5 Corvette, wheel fitment is everything… not just the wheel’s design. Here was my Z06 on the day I got it:

The C5 Corvette has such timeless lines…

That it doesn’t need a lot of add-ons or aero to look great. The car is already there. It just needs to be dialed-in. Ride height & wheel fitment is the key to a stunning C5 Corvette.

Notice, the C5’s bodylines curve/flow into the wheel-wells.

It’s an ultimate 90’s sports car design, with no breaking points. Therefore, my approach was to get rid of that unappealing wheel/fender gap… and flush-out the wheels to meet seamlessly with the C5’s fenders & quarter panels. 

So I went wheel shopping… 

I wanted something that would capture the C5 Z06’s natural beastly heritage. But I didn’t want to do something that’s already been done a million times. That can be tricky… considering the C5 is such a widely loved & modified car.  

lowered C5 Corvette

I settled on these VMS V-Star wheels. 

In my personal opinion, the VMS V-Stars are exactly what the doctor ordered! The sizes are 18×9.5 +40 in front, and 18×10.5 +52 in the rear. They’re lightweight. And paired with the VMS lowering kit like this car is… it sits perfectly. I believe that with the right ride height & wheel fitment, the C5 Corvette will absolutely stand the test of time, outlive trends, and should be viewed as one of Corvette’s strongest generations. 

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