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History says that gas prices are going to fluctuate. A few years ago when gas prices were low, Ford cut the economical, affordable, fun ST/RS models in favor of more trucks & crossovers. But now that gas prices are high & consumers could really benefit from an economical & fun car with good MPGs… those options are gone. Off the table.

If you don’t like the exponentially rising cost of fuel, the modern solution is… “Buy an EV; it’s the future.” 

But the issue here is this: An EV is not a smart, affordable, agreeable solution for many. On the contrary – it’s an expensive, soul-lacking, over engineered, rushed-to-market solution to a problem they caused by being short-sighted & not learning from their past mistakes of ’08.


It sure would be neat if Ford didn’t kill the economical/fun ST/RS cars… & replace ‘em with overpriced/overcomplicated EVs we don’t want. #fiestast #focusst #focusrs #hothatch #highgasprices #ev #evs #ford

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