Not your grandma’s AMC Ambassador…

Turbocharging a car usually always ends with fun results. What’s even more fun is when you go to great lengths to hide them. Our new friend 4DoorSavage not only did this, but he went all-out to ensure his car was not only unique, but a complete sleeper.

AMC ambassador Sleeper

If you look under the hood you’ll notice something pretty quickly…

Original AMC Engine Twin Turbo

… it isn’t LS swapped. Whaaaaaat?! Mr. 4Door took it upon himself to utilize the stock engine as a base. All of the internals are upgraded.

Twin Turbo AMC

He utilized V-banding to run as much boost as he wants without worrying about blowing up a silicone hose or connector. The car is currently running on 15lbs of boost. Once you shut the hood, you’d have absolutely no idea about this thing.

AMC Ambassador Side

Just take a look at it from this angle. Very unassuming. He even retrofitted original AMC hubcaps to fit the custom wheels.

AMC Ambassador Rear

Here’s a better angle of the rear. The rear tire width might give it away for some, as the wheels are 15×12. Get this – no tub! Factory wheel wells in the front and back.

AMC Ambassador Interior

The interior has one obvious giveaway in the form of the shifter. One subtle difference is the shift light on the column.

AMC Steering Wheel

Apart from that, the rest of the car is stock – completely unassuming. The car is also original in all other aspects as it has never been restored. It is one incredible sleeper from every angle.

Be sure you check out the Youtube video below to see ALL of the details on this car with TONS of hidden features:

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Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles

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