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If you are unfamiliar with Wookies in the Woods, just imagine 200+ Volkswagen R32’s & R’s driving the Tail of the Dragon. To some, that just sounds like a bunch of noise. But to those who understand, it’s one of the best weekends of the year. I was invited by my friend Charles (aka HumbleMechanic on YouTube) while we were filming at Import Alliance a couple weeks ago (Click HERE if you missed our coverage of that show). I had been invited the year prior by our friend Joel, but I had to miss it. This would make 2 years in a row of missing it after an invite, so I decided I had to move some things around and make the drive with my friend Aaron. Granted, we made this drive in my lifted, right hand drive Honda. Definitely not the optimal tool for a standard Dragon run.


Honda Orthia Tail of the Dragon

Personally, I have driven the Tail about 100 times or so front & back over the years in quite a few cars. This weekend was different – there was snow, ice & sleet for the majority of the weekend. I’d say that my AWD Honda was, in fact, the right tool for the job. While it was not fast in any sense of the word, it was definitely safe & stable – Aaron can back me up when I say that I only chirped the tires once the whole trip.

Killboy Photography

Anyway, once we made it to Killboy’s spot, we were greeted by Charles, Tanner Foust and some VW friends of mine (shoutout to Sean if you are reading this!)

Hey Look, Skittles - Spektrum R's

There was an impromptu Spektrum meet happening. Basically, a bunch of special, limited edition colored R’s. Only a small amount made and a small amount in North America as a whole.

Mk 8 Golf R

Charles brought out the new Mk8 as well as his yellow Spektrum car. This new Mk8 is manual & can drift!

Spektrum Yellow Golf R

Not just one, but two yellow R’s!

Spektrum Purple R

Never seen this color purple before on any VW. Pretty neat.


Bagged Mk 7 Golf R

After a while, we all went to a meetup at Fontana Village.

Mk 8 Golf R Lineup

Every generation R was well represented.


Shortly after this photo was taken, it began to pour, so we all started to seek shelter indoors.

RHD Civic EG Hatch

At the end of the day, we met up with some awesome folks from New York. This RHD EG Civic was just as out of place as we were. Was great getting to spend time with them on the Dragon.

Killboy Photo R32 & R's

Overall, Wookies in the Woods was one to remember. Snow, ice, sleet – the whole nine yards. Definitely one for the record books. I’ll be back again next year!

Text & Photos by Ben Battles

Import Alliance car show