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It’s good to be back at Import Alliance.

This past weekend, Wooley and I traveled to Atlanta Motor Speedway for Import Alliance’s Spring Meet. We brought some of our friends, and caught up with others – and got plenty of incredible shots in the meantime. Here’s all of the amazing content we got, we hope you enjoy & share with your friends.


Time Attack EG Civic

I ended up getting to the track around 7am both days.

Double Evo Voltex Kit

Everything was quiet for the first hour or so.

RWB Lineup Day Break

But as the sun began to rise, the cars began to pour in.

Mk8 Golf R

Soon, the showcase lots began to fill.

Supercharged M3 Import Alliance

Showcase was split into 4 main categories. RHD/JDM, CTR’s, Honda’s and Euros.

Import Alliance Gallery Exhibition Civic

The staff had some of the best of the best positioned on top of wooden pedestals.

Lexus LS400 Limo

By about 9am, it was getting harder and harder to find a spot to park!

Fast & Furious Replica Eclipse

There were quite a few surprise appearances.

TDIB 2JZ 240

Our friend David Patterson AKA That Dude In Blue was there. They had to bring their landlord’s 2J powered Nissan – not bad though, I must say!

Blue Civic Type R Lineup

Outside of the far paddock, there were CTR’s as far as the eye could see.

Triple Tandem Drifting

On the other side of the paddocks was quite the drift spectacle.

Twin Orthia Double Spec

I brought my Honda Orthia and look what showed up! Dean is a friend of mine and happened to purchase the same spec car as mine.

Liam LEP Low Mileage JDM RHD

Speaking of friends with cool cars, here’s Liam’s cool RHD car. The thing has super low miles and is gorgeous to see in person.

Off Road Nissan Skyline

In the corner of the JDM section was this crazy, lifted R33 Skyline. Only one word to describe it: Yes.

Bagged Slammed Lexus Sedan

This new Lexus caught my eye. The thing is a complete SLAB.

Honda Lineup Bagged Odyssey And Acty

Spectator parking in the infield also had a few interesting cars!

Perfect Mazda RX7

This RX-7 was in my top 10 cars of the event for sure. Thing had a turbo as big as the rotary engine. Solid car.

Domestic Alliance at Import Alliance

Uhh, y’all know this is IMPORT Alliance, right?… In all seriousness, beautiful cars.

Volkswagen Lineup IA

Quite the lineup of amazing VW’s!

Nick Alfa 4C Photoshoot

We ended Saturday with a photoshoot in the middle of an industrial park. Good times.


Johns Prelude & Civic

Again, 7am got here way too fast. But it gave me time to shoot some paddock cars uninterrupted.

Russell NSX

Russell’s NSX is my 10/10 for the platform. Just perfect.

RWB Sunrise

One of a total of SIX RWB cars at Import Alliance!

RX7 Sunrise

Once the sun began to rise, again, the cars poured in. This RX-7 was one of the most singularly impressive cars in attendance.

JDM Lineup

The JDM section was slightly rearranging their parking situation early on.

Humble Mechanic Golf R

My friend Charles AKA The Humble Mechanic brought out his Spektrum Yellow Golf R – one of only a handful in the world.

Yellow CTR

Speaking of yellow R’s – HondaPro Jason brought his Phoenix Yellow Type R as well!

Drifting Burnout

After about 10am, the drifting really started to pick up.

Cone Eating 350Z

This 350Z was having a lovely time eating cones.

Mk8 Golf R Drifting

This Golf R even got sideways – temp tags and all!

Red RWB Porsche

Towards the end of the day, a few of the more high end cars got invited out on track for a private photo session.

Supercharged M3 Track

This supercharged BMW was incredible. Such an amazing car all around.

Russell's Jade NSX

Of course, Russell’s NSX sounded heavenly.

RWB Lineup

Final Thoughts

In a lot of ways, this was kind of a “return to glory” for Import Alliance. This felt like a throwback to 10+ years ago – a place I’m sure we would all like to go back to. I can’t wait for the next one.

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles