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Toyota will reveal the GR Corolla tonight, March 31st… hopefully before April Fools rolls in. Am I right??

And just like that, Toyota’s got a potent lineup again! The Supra’s finally getting the manual transmission it deserved from Day 1 (targa top next please). The new 86 is a total blast to drive. And now a hot hatch!

GR Corolla


Nothing’s official till it’s ‘official’… but rumors are that it’ll have the 250-ish hp turbocharged 3-cylinder, and will be blessed with AWD. Here’s one thing we do know for sure… it’ll look a lot better than the new Integra lol. The Corolla hatch already looks slick even in non-GR trim. So we’re excited to see what happens here, and see if the GR Corolla might wake up the stagnant segment overall.

Here’s a link to the live reveal on Vimeo, set to go off at 9pm tonight, eastern standard time.  Right here boi



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