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Track days are a blast – especially when Gridlife is involved

This past weekend, myself, Wooley & Mike along with some friends went to AMP for the Gridlife Spring Special. For those of you that have not been to AMP, it is a very tight, challenging track with sudden elevation changes. This makes for some interesting racing & time attack sessions. Here are some highlights we captured over the weekend – enjoy.

Paddock & Pits

Track Day Sunrise Gridlife

I got to the track at around 8:30 – most folks weren’t even up and moving around yet.

S2K Sunrise

Everything was still covered with dew and rain from the day before.

Honda Fit Spec Racing

Everything was definitely eerily quiet the morning of a track day.

Sunrise at AMP

However, as the sun came up, everyone began to pull their cars out of their trailers and prep them for the day.

Porsche 911 GT2RS

There was a diverse mix of cars between old & new, nice & thrashed.

Art Car Mini Cooper

Of course, there were a few that stuck out from the crowd entirely.

K Tuned Racecar

As the morning went on, the paddock got progressively louder. Engines roaring into life, crowds showing up – good stuff.


Miata Warm Up

Finally, it was time to go racing!

Racing & Time Attack

AMP Wet Track

First cars out in the session were greeted with an obviously still damp track.

S2K Flyby

Still, it wasn’t too long before the racing line dried up enough for some full throttle action.

Honda Fit Wrecked

This absolute hero wrecked his car the day before and got it to pass tech the next day.

Acuity Integra

These guys know how to party.

Justin BMW Track Day

Our friend Justin is definitely one of the coolest cats around and races for a good cause.

Ferrari Portofino Racing

THIS guy… I mean, who shows up in a Ferrari Portofino and willingly lines it up next to a bunch of Miatas? (no offense, obviously)

Accord Passing Miata

I can’t remember if the Miata was making a pass, or if the Accord was. Both of them were definitely getting it the whole time.

Stock Ford Fusion Racing

I’m pretty sure this seemingly stock Ford Fusion was out at the same time as the Ferrari. Looked like it was straight from the rental car center. In all fairness to the driver, they seemed like they knew what they were doing.

Hardcore Spec Miata

Every time this Miata flew by us, it was screaming.

GT2RS on Track

Speaking of screaming, there is a noise limit at AMP. The quickest car out there was this GT2RS, but he was black flagged for being too loud down the front straight. Note the turn downs at the exhaust tips.

Honda CTR Pushing Limits

There were several CTR’s in attendance.

McLaren Track Day

Even a McLaren showed up to the party.

Infiniti G35 Track Day Racing

This G sadly wrecked into a barrier shortly after this photo was taken. It was SO clean. Luckily, the driver was okay and the team was in good spirits. Good luck on the rebuild, guys.

Derricks CRX

This CRX owned by a friend of mine was being temperamental all weekend – but that’s part of racing. Still cool to see and hear nonetheless.

Subaru STI Gridlife


Overall, good times were had. The location might not have yielded the best photos compared to other tracks in the region, but still, everyone had a blast and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to cover it. Shoutout to everyone that said hello over the weekend and thank you to Gridlife for hosting.

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles