After Toyota’s reveal, here’s what we know about the GR Corolla.

  1. There will be 2 models. The Core, and the Circuit Edition. The Core should be available later this year, and the Circuit will arrive in 2023 as a limited launch model. Main features of the Circuit Edition include a carbon fiber roof, enlarged rear wing, vented hood, and dual LSD. However, the dual LSD will also be an available option on the Core model. A 6-speed manual transmission is the only option in either model. Badass.
  2. The Engine in the GR Corolla is the G16-E. It’s a 300hp, 273tq, 1.6-liter, 3-cylinder engine. If you’re counting… that’s 100hp per cylinder!
  3. And yes, the GR Corolla uses Toyota’s GR4 all-wheel-drive system with front/rear power distribution settings.
  4. MSRP – is still to be determined.

Circuit Edition

GR Corolla AWD


Core Model

GR Corolla Core


And just like that, Toyota / Gazoo Racing set the bar.

Is this potentially the dawn of a new era? And is it potentially happening at the end of the internal combustion era? Toyota hasn’t been this ballsy since the 90s! They’re attacking! And that’s a big deal, especially in modern days, where most automotive news is just more ‘bad news’ for enthusiasts. Will other manufactures follow Toyota’s lead? Will enthusiasts open their wallets & support GR’s efforts? We need to!

But likewise – it’s 100% crucial that these GR Corollas get to dealerships fast. And that dealers DO NOT play games with markups. Motivated buyers are frankly getting exhausted with the dealership markup games. And it’s becoming a little bit too industry standard in recent years… to hype deposits on vehicles that end up taking years to even start trickling into dealerships. Toyota’s got a potent lineup. They have enthusiasts’ attention, and they deserve it! Now please Toyota – monitor your dealers, let the enthusiasts buy these cars, and get them out of the dealerships and onto the streets where they belong!

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GR Corolla Circuit edition

GR Corolla Circuit edition