Jared Perry, the owner of this Shakotan-styled resto-mod ‘76 G-Nose Datsun 280z, is a Japanese car enthusiast. I guess that’s pretty obvious. And like a lot of us – he’s self-taught… learning/fixing/growing through mistakes, dreams, and a few lucky breaks. With a true passion for vintage cars & car culture, Jared’s the real deal. He’s at the point where humbleness & perseverance finally meet a certain level of confidence. And where a willingness to get your hand’s dirty… mixes with an all-out stubbornness to keep awesome old cars on the street. 

G Nose 280Z

Jared got this 280Z as a gift

From a friend who was moving across the country & wasn’t going to be able to take it with him. The Datsun was nothing more than a bare/hollow shell at that point, but still a hell of a gift. And Jared had a vision for it:

Marugen Shoukai Z

“I wanted something that nobody really had stateside… and something that really mirrored Japanese cars from the past.”

Jared’s lucky to have been able to travel to Japan a lot over the past 20-or-so years, so he’s really developed a first-hand intuitive sense of Japanese styling & the soul that goes into building a vintage Japanese car. Nevertheless – Jared was already neck-deep in other projects when he acquired the Datsun, namely his RB powered FC RX-7, so the 280z would have to be patient just a little while longer.

While the Datsun 280z continued to sit idly in the California sun, Jared ventured on another one of his trips to Japan.

And while overseas, he made connections with a body shop owner, Tetsuia-San at TA-KI Works Body Shop in Okinawa. Jared shared some photos of the sitting S30, and was translating some eventual goals for the Z upon his return. Tetsuia nodded, and led him onto a G-Nose in a nearby city.

Datsun 280Z

From there, as Jared puts it, “It snowballed.”

Jared secured the G-Nose annnnd some other parts, such as the Marugen Shoukai kit… which were all packaged up, shipped out, and would meet him back in California. He then began work on the car. A lot of work.

Datsun airlift

Within a few months, Jared had made tons of progress on the Z…

But he was still dealing with all the logistical headaches of trying to plot-out a complete restoration. He needed that extra push. There were many trips to various body shops, but with estimates all over the place, it’s hard to gauge a shop’s quality vs price on something custom like this. In other words, who’s arrogantly overcharging… versus who’s blindly undercharging and thus setting you up for heartbreak & disillusionment.

widebody datsaun

It was getting overwhelming…

The Marugen Shoukai kit needed extra work, and the skillset needed was honestly beyond Jared’s capability going at it alone. A superhero bodyman friend named Chumpot came to the rescue & offered his help. And with time, they made big strides.

The bodykit was eventually massaged into place, and the car was looking better than ever.

Viola! The Datsun then went to Erik at West Jones Auto for paint. Pieces came together, parts finally came to life, and a once barren shell transformed back into a vicious vintage Datsun. 

Text by Wooley & Richy Contreras     Photos by Richy Contreras

914 seats datsun

1976 Datsun 280z


F54 block, bored .50mm over

E88 head ported by Ruben at SoCal Porting

Delta reground camshaft

Triple 40 PHH Mikunis – tuned by Taka Sato at Kyushahousetaka

Polished engine components by Alan at Xtreme TPS

Champion radiator


BC custom coilovers with VERA sleeve bags

Airlift 3H management

Techno Toy Tuning front & rear control arms

Silvermine rear axle kit

R200 differential

Advan a3a


Vintage Dashes dash

OEM gauges

AEM UEGO wideband

Hakone Motorsports half cage

Porsche 914 seats reupholstered by Alex at Alex Interior

Retrosound radio


Marugen Shoukai flares 

Okinawa Special G Nose 

Marugen Shoukai spoiler

…all fitted by Chumpot at Frolikalley

Paint by Erik at West Jones Auto

G nose Datsun 280z


Advan A3A rebarreled by Steeve at 5onecustoms

Rear 16×12 -70  //  Front 16×11.5 -68

Toyo Tires

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ACT clutch