Think about it. In America, Western Europe, and/or Japan for example… we have the convenience of living in hotspots for aftermarket car culture. The world’s car manufacturers are based in these countries. The aftermarket culture is rich in these countries. Even the used aftermarket is in surplus in these areas, and easy/affordable to get. Automotive culture surrounds us. And we’re lucky to speak the most popular languages of the world. Which makes information & communication much more effortless, with less confusion & translation errors. Shipping is cheap & (usually) reliable lol. Everything that we want and/or need to get through a project is pretty easily within grasp if you think about it. We take a lot of that for granted on a daily basis. But for Aurimas Kiseliovasnot so much. Aurimas is from Lithuania. Here is the story of his k-swapped BMW 1602 in his own words…

The story of this BMW began almost 6 years ago…

When I was competing in the Lithuanian time-attack championship with a Honda S2000. At that time, the fastest guy in <2500cc class was driving Mazda MX-5 with Honda K24 engine in it… and there was no odds I could catch him. So during that season, the idea of lightweight rear-wheel-drive car with Honda K-series engine was growing on me.

K swapped BMWIt didn’t take me much time to start Googling the perfect options for such a matter…

And after a few months spent going through classifieds in Germany, I got ahold of this 1974 BMW 1602. It was bright orange (INKA) and pretty rusty. I brought it to Lithuania. But unfortunately, the project started in an extra-slow manner, and during upcoming 5-years, I only managed to gut whole car and have it painted…

BMW 2002

However last year…

I finally found enough time and stamina to finally jump on this project, and transformed it into what you can see in the pictures.



Text by Wooley     Photos by Marius Bendzelauskas

lithuania BMW

1974 BMW 1602 (E10)

BMW 2002 Turbo replica body kit (fender flares, front lip) 

2002 Turbo rear spoiler

E28 rear bumper modified to fit ’02

E30 m-tech side skirts modified to fit ’02

15×8 +0 wheels

lowered BMW 1602


Honda K20a2 engine (CTR)

Ballade K20-to-F20 transmission adapter

Honda S2000 6-speed transmission

S2000 intake manifold with JSP adapter plate… 

Modified Honda S2000 exhaust manifold

Custom exhaust

Renault Clio Sport radiator

Hondata KPRO ecu

Honda swap BMW


Nissan S14 front coilovers mounted on original BMW 1602 hubs

SPAX rear lowering springs with shorter shocks

BMW 2002 Turbo front swaybar

Honda Civic 262 front brakes with custom adapters

EP3 Type-R rear disc brakes with custom adapters

BMW E21 rear diff with E36 LSD

E21 axles with E10 (BMW 1602) outer CV joints 

Custom Driveshaft

Honda S2000 gauge cluster

OMP bucket seats with Sabelt harnesses

OBP pedal box

FIA approved aluminum bolt-in cage


BMW 1602

k swapped BMW