The 2023 Honda Civic Type-R has been revealed. You can love it, hate it, or be indifferent… but here’s what we know so far. This will be the most powerful Honda that’s ever been sold in the states. We also know that it set a FWD production car lap record at Suzuka Circuit in Japan. And… it looks like it has bold red carpet to go with the bright red seats – heck yeah lol! Both Mike & I (the two owners of S3) have owned the same FK8 Type-R, and it’s truly an exceptional car. The way the FK8 Type-R connects with the driver… man… it’s just the best of what Honda does best. Light, agile, responsive, forgiving, invigorating… MORE than the sum of its parts. And seemingly by all accounts, the 2023 CTR is better. It’s lower, longer, and wider. It will have more power, and an improved transmission.

2023 type-R

Styling-wise, the 2023 Civic Type-R is more subtle than the FK8. A lot of automotive media outlets are using words like ‘matured’. I don’t like that word lol. Nothing about the Type-R should be mature. I prefer the word ‘simplified’. And simplified is good, because it represents purity… both in driving experience AND in design. The original Civic (and Integra) Type-Rs were always simplified. They were always pure & minimalistic, as an enthusiast car should be. That’s the Type-R recipe. If you want mature, buy an Audi. You want pure undiluted driving spirit, the Type-R is legend in the hot-hatch category.

2023 type-R red carpet

On a personal note, I pretty much hated the look of the 2022 Civic Si, until I drove it for a week. Here is that 2022 Civic Si revieworange Civic Si