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Starting in 2024, all new vehicles sold in Europe must have Intelligent Speed Assistance Technology. This basically means that all new cars are going to do everything they can to make sure that you know every time you are speeding… and might possibly even take away your ability to do so. The manufacturers have options for making this happen. The most simple and least invasive is having the vehicle beep at the driver when the speed limit is exceeded. The next step up is sending a vibration to the driver. The last two options are the most invasive and potentially dangerous. The car can literally cut power to the accelerator pedal, or possibly push back against your foot to regulate speed.

I for one, am not ok with any of this. It’s technology and automation that’s already gotten us into a situation with so many bad drivers on the road. I seriously doubt that more technology will get us out of it. There are a lot of really simple solutions that could go a long way to solving our traffic and accident issues. Here’s a quick video on my thoughts and ideas:


Europe is making Intelligent Speed Assistance Technology mandatory for all new cars starting in 2024. #automotivenews #s3mag #s3magazine #ev

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