Apparently NASCAR is considering an electric version of the Gen-7 chassis. This could come as early as 2023 to the Busch Lights Clash? As far as S3’s concerned, it truly is a forward-thinking vision from NASCAR! NASCAR fans have long needed a break in the action to take a leak, refill their beers, and call their wives. This will give then the opportunity to do just that! Plus – such a bold & progressive move from NASCAR will undoubtedly lure in millennials who’ve never changed a tire or driven a manual transmission… and who currently have to hold their fingers in their ears to tolerate the noise of the present day earth-killing machines. It’s also been rumored that instead of the National Anthem, NASCAR will play Madonna’s Like a Virgin prior to every e-race.

The series would start as an exhibition to get NASCAR fans interested, and then full-swing by 2025.

NASCAR electric