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To me, “OK BOOMER” comes across a derogatory, dismissive, blatantly stereotypical comment… spawned from a generation that demands tolerance. So I’d like to quickly point out the irony as it pertains to car culture. Because it seems like the generation that mocks Boomers, are the same ones enjoying the wake of the Boomers awesomeness.

Just look at the cars…

That younger car enthusiasts tend to seek out as projects: Cars from the mid-80s through the 90s. Nothing wrong with that!! That’s THE RAD ERA!
clean fox body mustang

But who do you think CREATED the rad era??

Boomers you idiot. That’s who was dominating the workforce at the time.
Boomers were the ones making red Dodge Vipers with factory yellow wheels. And then smoking cigars in them while driving their kid to school with no child seat. They built cars with t-tops, pop-up headlights, and a sh*t-pile of panache.
MR-2s, DSMs, rotary-powered RX-7s, DOHC-VTECs, Cyclones/Typhoons, Fox bodies, 300ZXs, 4x4s with removable tops, narco cigarette boats, 30 minute pizza deliveries… the list goes on & on.
Boomers also laid the foundation for action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, and kickass 2-stroke stand-up jet skis.
And then Boomers literally made Viagra to give you an EVEN BIGGER ERECTION than you already had from all the other cool sh*t going on at that time.
Merkur race car

Boomers tend to have a great understanding of cars in the ‘spiritual sense’.

There was a ‘cool-factor’ & confidence went into a lot of the stuff Boomers made. Things that went above & beyond the need. (We needed a notebook… they gave us a Trapper Keeper.)
So try and at least be humble & human enough to look past an age demographic. Look at the soul not the skin. A few decades ain’t much in the grand scheme of things. And the old guy in the New Balance shoes slowly climbing out of his Corvette?? He was quite possibly cooler at your age than you’ll ever be.
Alpina 5 series


I’m not saying there aren’t crotchety old Boomers out there lol. And I’m NOT saying that the entirely of the younger generations are disrespectful entitled pricks either. But generally speaking, I DO see social media (and news media) often dividing us, turning us against one another, & breaking up our common ground. When in fact, there IS a lot of common ground & shared interest… as well as inspiration to be had.
As a culture, we’re only hurting ourselves if we’re not taking wisdom & perspective from the experienced ones among us. If we’re not listening. And the same thing goes for an older generation who is disengaging from the youth… simply because they can’t relate to ‘em. Try!

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