I read an article on The Drive last night, where Porsche CFO, Lutz Meschke, spoke on how they can make even more profit with EVs than with internal combustion engines. He mentioned that while EV costs will eventually drop, that won’t necessarily be reflected in the prices that buyers pay.

…What a smugly German thing to say. 

And while I guess Meschke isn’t wrong from a business standpoint… I’m just not sure I would say that outside of the boardroom if you know what I mean. Because as an old-school Porsche fan who grew up around the cars & owns two 70s/80s-era Porsches, it kinda tells me everything I need to know (and already knew) about the mindset of modern-day Porsche. And how they view their modern-day customers. It further exemplifies that the Porsche of yesterday, IS NOT the Porsche of today. But let’s be honest… we already knew that. 

I’m just a hopeless car romantic who’s been priced-out of new p-cars – I get it. But it would have been more inspiring to me as a fan, if Meschke had said something along the lines of, “With our EV lineup, we should ultimately be able to save cost on production, and subsequently adjust prices to bring the excitement & legacy of Porsche to even more enthusiasts.” 

But he didn’t say that. Instead Meschke said, “Buyers are willing to pay more for new tech.”