Akio Toyoda is a true leader who understands how to properly diversify investments in the future of his company (Toyota) to ensure long term success and growth. Almost every other automotive executive in the world can’t seem to to announce an all electric future fast enough. Toyoda is still not 100% convinced and will therefore be investing in hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cells on top of EVs as well. This should set the company up nicely for what looks to be an unsure future that may involve some serious changes and pivoting in the automotive industry. He sites infrastructure, pricing, rising costs, and battery material shortages as some of the reasons that the full EV future might not happen as quickly as some expect. This is a sound level headed plan from a very intelligent leader: https://s3mag.com/toyota-stands-up-to-ev-pressure/


While the rest of the world is preparing for the EV wars, Toyota is diversifying their investments in all options. #news #automotive #automotivenews #toyota #akiotoyoda #toyoda #ev #electricvehicle #hybrid #pluginhybrid #hydrogenfuelcell

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