ACT clutch

A brand new Hummer EV broke down in the middle of a highway during rush hour. And when I say brand new, I mean like… days old… less than 300 miles. It was wet outside, and GM’s all-terrain EV went totally dead. And unfortunately for GM, the brand new Hummer EV belongs to some well-known YouTubers in the truck world – The Fast Lane Truck. (*sips morning coffee & smiles). 

The Hummer threw a steering code & I believe a TPMS code. Basically things started acting glitchy. And when the concerned owner, Roman Mica, tried to restart it at a traffic light (as you restart your computer when it starts acting dumb)it totally shut down. I really can’t tell the story any better than Ford-Trucks did, so catch their article here. They hit on some really good points about the REALITY of transitioning to an EV world. Here are some of their key takeaways. 

•EVs are more software than machine; essentially a rolling computer.

•So when something fails, EVs behave more like a laptop than something mechanical.

•Not even the hood would pop open; the entire 9,000lb vehicle was bricked in the middle of a highway.

•Any vehicle can fail. But with ICE you at least have a chance to fix it (and/or limp it home) if you’re mechanically inclined.

•The new Hummer is GM’s flagship EV. Its software filters to other GM EV models.

Here is the video from the owners of the new Hummer EV.



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