MXP exhaust

Well, I’m a big hometown sports guy (go Braves, Hawks, Thrashers, Falcons, Dawgs!), so I decided to go to my first Thrashers game last night. Definitely a good time, but boy do they suck. I mean, we got beat by a team that is from a city that has never seen snow! (Tampa Bay). So yeah, we got spanked 4 – 1. The funniest part about the whole thing though was that the Thrashers didn’t even score until there was only 15 seconds left in the whole game! It was a bit ridiculous. The crowd went nuts, the lights went crazy, and fire started shooting out of some hanging decorations….. and then we lost 15 seconds later and everyone left. It was wack. You would have thought that we won the stanly cup or something. Oh well, if you guys are ever bored, hockey games are a good way to waste 3 hours.

Muteki lug nuts