If you’re looking for some inspiration on what color to paint your car – check out these VeeDubs.  So slick!  These were painted by VW… but it’s not a standard color that you can call a dealership and get a paintcode for – these are custom shades.  There are two different cars here… may be hard to tell at first.  The car in the first pic is like a super-gloss battleship grey: very stately, very Euro… but also very ganster, and very customized.  The other three pics are of the second car – in a pearl gold/beige color.  (I was trying to get the camera to really pick up on the color.)  Normally, beige would initially seem boring when you think about it on an import.  But this color was so deep, that it was jaw-dropping.  Props to VW for knowing how it’s done.

Import Alliance car show