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David Chicarelli is a hotshot lawyer with an obnoxious Audi R8. He carries the energy of Suits, but with a heavy R rating. High voltage, confident… and unapologetic. And I tell you that to tell you this: The following are his words, not mine. But they might surprise you.

“What we have today are not car enthusiasts…”

They’re image enthusiasts. I realize how hypocritical that sounds next to a pink Audi R8. And honestly, I wish this feature was on my old Mitsubishi Pajero. In a lot of ways, I love that car more, for different reasons. Car culture has become a clout industry… a clout culture. And I think that car culture is doomed for a minute, until this TikTok & Youtube-consuming generation wises the fuck up & actually starts driving some shit with meaning. 

“It’s not WHEN you get there… it’s HOW you get there.”

Authentic supercars died-off in 2008-9. For the most part, all the new shit sucks. They’re fast & loud, with 2-pedals and no substance. And with EVs, they’re not even loud. Like a sports car with a condom on. I’m not buying new cars anymore, doesn’t matter how fast they are. At this point, I’d rather buy a plane… at least that’s sketchy & real. 

“I wanna LIVE…”

Life is too short, and people get their priorities wrong. It’s not about things or gadgets… it’s about experiences. Nothing else fucking matters. And I don’t wanna let 10 more years go by without realizing it. 

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As a lawyer…

I deal with people during the absolute worst times of their life. And sometimes the absolute best. In both circumstances, you get a lot of clarity from that… about what really matters when it’s all on the line. Hell I just wanna move to paradise, drive a Pajero, and run a little Airbnb where I can tend to my guests lol. That’s the truth.

Note: We previously featured David’s R8 before (in print)… when it was blue. If you want to see that feature, here ya go. 

Photos by Trent Widau

2009 Audi R8 – Gated V8

Marsh Composites custom carbon aero

Revolution Performance straight-pipe exhaust

AirLift bags & management

Vossen LC2 forged wheels 19×11 ET50

Wrap by Kyle Min at Wraptor Autostyling

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