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Honda & Nissan are partnering to play catch-up on EVs. This is after Honda was recently partnered with GM… and look at how well that went. The Chevy Blazer EV was essentially the worst-reviewed car to launch this century. And – it was put on a nearly immediate stop-sale that still hasn’t been resolved. The Honda Prologue is that same Chevy, but with a Honda badge. So now, in an effort to continue appliancing’ their brands into oblivion…

Honda & Nissan are now working together on EV production…

Apparently with the goal of appealing to EV consumers… many of whom have already (smugly) written-off legacy brands altogether. Awkward. 

See – Japanese carmakers of yesteryear had VALUE because they offered: 1) Engagement 2) Efficiency 3) Simplicity 4) Style 5) Serviceability, and 6) Durability. However, that golden-era was 3-decades ago. And the fact I’m still talking about it, is like hoping MTV will start playing music videos again. 

Snap back to present day reality – and Toyota is the only car company who’s stood-up against legislated & arguably misguided agendas. Honda & Nissan on the other hand, have forfeited their once endearing attributes for an iPhone driving experience, a loss of identity, and generic design.

As a result, Honda & Nissan have steadily abandoned their hardcore, loyal fanbase. And now – forget about Tesla for a minute… because it’s the Chinese car companies (like BYD) that are set to strike. If EV is the future… it’s looking like a future that a lot of spineless legacy carmakers won’t survive.

Dear Honda & Nissan, this is me speaking to you as a fan’

Remember when you had those? The reason the auto industry is in turmoil, is because a generation ago, you guys began catering to Wall Street and a car-buying demographic that had no allegiance. Likewise, you showed no allegiance to your fanbase… and you let us down with your lack of backbone & passion. You pulled out of enthusiast media, you pulled out of the culture, and you pulled out of engaging enamoring vehicles. This is your fault. It’s called reaping what you sow. You used modern technology to disconnect drivers, rather than inspire them. And eventually, you faded the love affair with cars, as well as the freedom & rejuvenation that was once associated with driving. In fact, you replaced the world “driving” with “mobility” – you did that. You guys… yes you guys turned your art into an appliance.

So dear Honda & Nissan… if you’re working together, I damn sure hope it’s on something worth making. And not more overpriced mediocrity with over-the-air updates & planned obsolescence. But we all know that’s wishful thinking. Sincerely, a luddite former fan lol. 

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