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The San Francisco Cruise taxi debacle continues: Cruise is being forced to cut its autonomous taxi fleet in half after one got hit by a fire truck. The fire truck had its lights & sirens on. And the Cruise autonomous taxi did not yield the intersection. Cruise basically said,

“But… it’s supposed to though?” 

Cruise taxi accident

driverless taxi accident

There was a single passenger in the Cruise taxi at the time of the accident…

One source said the passenger was taken by ambulance to be treated for injuries that were not life threatening. Another source said the passenger was treated on scene for minor injuries. Either way – I hope the passenger is gleefully suing Cruise, GM, the state of California, and anyone who ever signed-off on the vehicle. Plus, should the passenger have suffered any kind of open cut, they probably now have the added bonus of AIDS from all the rampant sex that goes on in those things. Although to be fair, karma is your boyfriend if you’re dumb enough to ride in one. 

This is all within just 2 short weeks

Of California leadership giving Cruise (and Waymo) unrestricted access to run San Francisco anywhere at anytime of day. Less than 2 weeks – and we’ve already seen 1) Multiple Cruise AV taxis brick themselves & block the road outside of a concert. 2) One drive straight into wet concrete. And now 3) An accident that prevents first responders from getting to an emergency. So now California has restricted Cruise to run at half capacity. Because half the problems seems like an acceptable solution. It begs the question: How long until something really bad happens?

Cruise taxi hit fire truck

cruise taxi emergency vehicle

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