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A Cruise Robotaxi drove itself into wet concrete & got stuck like a Robotwat. The location… waaaait for it… San Francisco. This incident comes just less than a week after California officials gave Cruise & Waymo full access to go wherever & whenever they want through the city. And – it happened just a few days after 10 Robotaxis lost connectivity & blocked a road outside of a concert, making already bad traffic exponentially worse.

*Takes a deep fresh breath of I told you so

John Reynolds, Commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission literally just said less than a week ago,

“Today is the first of many steps in bringing AV transportation services to Californians.”

Please read that in a muppet voice for accuracy. But guys, on a serious note – it’s taking less than a week at this point… to clearly illustrate how California’s leadership unleashes idiocracy. How much clearer do you need this to be? Not to mention…

Robotaxi san francisco concrete

People are banging like rabbits in these things. 

Oh yeah… true story. For many Californians, plowing fields in the back of a Cruise Robotaxi has become an adrenaline sport of sorts. And AV robotaxis are on their way to quickly becoming a soggy cesspool of semen & syringes. It’s what they deserve. I just don’t get it, we’ve done public transportation – and it blows. Aside from a Disney World monorail, it’s all dirty, and suspiciously full of things that give you rashes & STDs. That’s why people grow up & buy their own car. But now – we want to go back to public transportation just because it’s driverless?! At least a driver can turn around & say, “HEY, GET YOUR FINGERS OUT OF THERE!!!”

AV taxi california

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